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Developer Key / ODBC write Access

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Re: Developer Key / ODBC write Access

Hi @James_PCM, could you clarify which version of AccountRight you are using - v19.x (currently 19.14) or v201x.x (currently 2018.1)?


Access to v19.x is effected by using the ODBC driver, but V201x.x uses an API, they are two completely different mechanisms.

Regards, Mike (
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Re: Developer Key / ODBC write Access

Hi there


Sounds like a great project.

I'm happy to say that our API is FREE there is no charge for you to use it.

Head over to where you or your developer can register to gain API access. Once you have that you can create the keys you need. It's super simple and fast - you should be up and running pretty quickly.


The team at are there to help and would love to talk through more of this with you.

Keran McKenzie
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Re: Developer Key / ODBC write Access



Start here:


If you have any specific questions you can try emailing:


In regards to you comment about the API and ODBC:

The API is required for MYOB AccountRight Live

The ODBC driver is only applicable to MYOB AccountRight Classic

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Developer Key / ODBC write Access


For the last 3-4 weeks I have been trying to get my internal developer to connect a program he built to extract invoice data from MYOB, and I was told all he needs was an ODBC connection.


This is being done because, PCM has been asked by Accor Hotel Group (market-boomer/purchase plus) to provide an automatic invoice emailing process with an API setup.

It must be configured so that it is completely automated from extracting the invoice data from our MYOB records (as they would be the most accurate) directly to their system setup.


My developer has been told that he needs a developer key to do this and was quoted $110/month for this? I am confused, because this program is not being integrated to the existing MYOB setup at all, it is merely requiring access to the invoice information, which we have CLEARLY explained to MYOB several times and have authorised.


Whenever I have called for support I keep getting transferred and made to go around in circles. I’ve had enough.

What needs to be done? I needed this done 2 weeks ago.


Be in mind I do not know anything about MYOB besides the basic functions, so please simplify the steps for me to understand.


Kind Regards,


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