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Does partner need to setup their Cloud API access and Keys & Secret?

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Re: Does partner need to setup their Cloud API access and Keys & Secret?

Hi Helen


I have written an integration to AccountRight from a client's Access databsae which works perfectly in dekstop mode but this client is cloud-hosted.


How do I get an API key as I do not have a callback URI?


Many thanks


MYOB Moderator HelenB
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Re: Does partner need to setup their Cloud API access and Keys & Secret?

Hi @shovel


Thanks for reaching out. We have the concept of a central MYOB account; that's you, your client, a partner etc. etc. In this instance, your account has developer access, and access to a number of 'resources' (that is the sandbox files we shared with you and your client's file that you may have been invited to).

Your developer access allows you to create the API key (and secret) that represents the application you're building. That API key isn't linked to any specific 'account' or login; but rather loosely its linked to your my.myob account to manage the app/api key.

When a client logs into your app using OAuth they use their MYOB login and your API key gets issued a set of access/refresh tokens. These tokens allow your app (identified by your API key) to access that MYOB login's resources on behalf of that login.

Overall, this means that you can connect to 1 or many clients with your API key and your clients should never need to have their own API key.


If you have any further questions, it is best to reach out to us directly at



Helen Brophy
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Does partner need to setup their Cloud API access and Keys & Secret?

My company has a single page web application that our clients use. Some of our clients use MYOB AccountRight as their accounting system and our application exports Invoice data to MYOB via the Cloud API.


I have this all working fine using the Sandbox under my credentials (Registered App) but now I'm ready to deploy to one of our clients and I need their Cloud API Key & Secret. I assume my client has to enable this in their my.MYOB online site, but they don't have the "Developer" menu to "Register App" and thus generate the Key/Secret/Callback URI.


Does this mean everyone of my clients will need to apply to be a MYOB Developer so they can get "API access" and then "Register App" to setup access for our Web Application to connect to?


Does the "Key" signify the MYOB Client and Company file (or is it the "App Name" or both?)


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