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Currency incorrect when transferring Account Edge to new computer

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Currency incorrect when transferring Account Edge to new computer

Hi there, I live in the UK, but because of the licensing changes some time ago I have not been able to find any support there. Hope you can help!


I have been using accountedge 2008 since, well, 2008 and have had no need to update (particularly where here in the UK you have to pay an expensive monthly subscription to do so). 


I am in the process of transferring my apps over to a new computer. I have moved my copy of account edge 2008 over to my new mac simply by copying the main app folder. It all seems to work fine with one issue - the currency has changed from £ to $. I thought this may have been a system issue but have checked my mac and langauge and region is set to UK (system preferences) and in the advanced tab currency is set to British Pound.


I know in more recent versions of the program there are options in the list section for changing currency but not in my version (I don't think).

Both my computers (the one I am transferring to and the one from) are running Mac 10.12.6 sierra


Can anyone help?


Many thanks,



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Re: Currency incorrect when transferring Account Edge to new computer

HI @SunsV


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


I see you are posting from the UK, although we welcome your contribution to our Forum, it is aimed primarily at supporting our Australian and New Zealand clients. For technical support specific to your country’s version I do recommend you contact the local provider of MYOB software.


Within the Australian and New Zealand versions, outside of the multicurrency facility available in AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge network editions, the default currency draws directly from the currency and regional settings on the Mac.  


Generally speaking the other thing to check would be the operating system requirements for your version, as if you were trying to run the program on an operating system outside of the recommended system requirements then it is possible that the program may not perform as expected.


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have

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Re: Currency incorrect when transferring Account Edge to new computer

Hi @SunsV, I think this link discusses the issue, in that with Sierra, Apple removed the option to set the system language separately from the formatting language.


A workaround is included in the link, basically use the terminal to issue this command:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleLocale de_CH

The pair of letters at the end should be interpreted as follows:

"the first is an ISO 639-1 language code that corresponds to the format language used for the names of days and months, and the second is an ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country code that matches the country selected in the Region pop-up menu".


You will need to experiment to find options that work for your requirements, possibly "en_GB"


(To open the terminal, use the spotlight search tool and type "terminal"



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