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Problem with upgrading company file to Account Edge Pro v16.5

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Problem with upgrading company file to Account Edge Pro v16.5

Hi all,

I'm having trouble updating my company file for thenew installed ver16 of AccountEdge.  I've upgraded from version 15.


I am following the installation notes and have come across this problem with the company file.  I am using the accountedge pro upgrade assistant and its asking me to find the company file to upgrade.  So I select it and press next and it comes up with an error box saying " The file you have selected to upgrade is not a recognised data file."    But its the one I've just saved to my computer.    


I have no idea how to fix this, please help.


Thank you


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Re: Problem with upgrading company file to Account Edge Pro v16.5

 HI @AHort15


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


Generally speaking that particular message means that when the upgrade assistant is trying to read the company file to ensure that it’s an AccountEdge company file, it doesn’t recognise it as a company file.


The two most common causes for this outside of selecting a non AccountEdge company file, such as an alias icon, is that the file you are trying to run through the upgrade assistant is either compressed or damaged.


When you create a backup of the file, which will have the extension of .zip, the company file is compressed down to save space. When this compression happens, the upgrade assistant doesn’t recognise it as a company file. For example, if you took the phone book, and then took half of the letters and numbers and changed them into symbols, then you know it’s still a phone book however you can’t obtain readable information until it is decompressed which will change all of the symbols back into the appropriate letters and numbers.


Conversely if the file has sustained damage, then the file can be unreadable. Using the same phone book analogy, it would be as if random letters and words had been converted to random words in other languages.


The first thing to try to resolve this would be to ensure that the file you are trying to upgrade is sitting on your desktop with the extension of .myo and not inside any folder of any sort. Additionally, if you haven’t already done so I recommend opening the file in the older version and go to File >> Optimise Company File. This will not only compact the file down in size as much as possible but it will also run a rebuild of the file which can recover the file from a number of damages.


Do let us know how you get on with this

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