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Reports by Identifier

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Reports by Identifier

I am trying to do sales reports by State. I have managed to figure out that I have to put identifiers in each of my customers cards, but cannot figure out how to run a sales report by identifier.


I am looking to run sales reports - item - Sales detail so I know how many of a certain product I have sold in each State.


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Reports by Identifier



You are able to run a Sales (Customer Detail) report and click on Additional Filters to Filter your Customers for a Specific Identifier ( State). This will give you the detail sales for all Customers in that State but you are not able to  also filter for a specific Item using the Customer Sales report. You would need to export this to excel and sort the data there to find the Qty of a specific item sold in a specific state.


If this is something you are wanting to run often then suggest you look at some of the Add-on solutions, which can provide more advanced reporting aroung Sales/Margins etc.


If a report like the one below would be useful to run regularly, then this is possible, out of the box, using our Business Intelligence software BI4Cloud.  We do not report on Identifiers (Only on Custom Lists) however we do report directly on the State field in the "Invoice to" Customer card, so if you have the State data up to date  for each Customer then this will just run.


In this Example I have included Qty, $Sales, Gross profit & margin so you can compare them across products and accoss states. Or you could just select one of these. You can also choose any date range and compare sales by state by item to say prior years.


SAles by Item by Type by State.png


All details and a 14 day free trial are available on our website if you think this might help.

Jennifer Kelly CA
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