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I want to redirect my website to Bluehost

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I want to redirect my website to Bluehost

HI there.

I would like to firstly apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge in this area and I hope what I am writing makes sense. So here goes...


I have a b&b business thats doing really well and I purchased a domain name through MYOB some time ago.

The website created is extremely basic but it was sufficient ...until recently.

Also, i should mention my domain name ends in and I want to retain this.


My partner designed an amazing new site for the property but part of the deal was we had to join up with Bluhost. As it turned out we were unable to transfer the domain name over as it is already assigned (to me) and bluehost has assigned us a temporary address so in effect, the site is all dressed up but with nowhere to go.

I could have started afresh with Bluehost and just gone for the .com option but I really want to keep the so i need to stay with MYOB


I contacted Bluehost and they advised I needed to update the nameservers and A record (which I have received from Bluehost) and these would be needed to point to their server to show the contents.


So, how do I go about changing these attributes with MYOB?


Looking forward to  hearing back an i hope what I wrote makes sense Smiley Wink



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Re: I want to redirect my website to Bluehost

Hi @Marven359


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


Its ok, websites, domains and how it all works can get a bit confusing until you get your head around it all.


Unfortunately, what you are asking, by trying to update the nameservers, isn’t a service that MYOB Atlas offers. MYOB Atlas only administers domains for use with MYOB Atlas. Instead you will have to transfer your domain name to a domain registrar that offers that service.


To be able to transfer your domain name, you will need your Domain Name Password. This acts as proof of ownership and you can provide it to any domain registrar and have them transfer the domain away from MYOB Atlas to their servers where they can then set the nameservers to anything you want them to be.


Our help article, Transferring domain names to another registrar does step through how to retrieve this password from within your MYOB Atlas site, so you can provide it to another registrar of your choice.


Do let us know how you get on with this

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