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Get access to sandbox environment for app

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Get access to sandbox environment for app

I have registered an app and have the secret and key


I would like to upload a sample myob file to the sandbox environment and setup the connection from my app


Are there any step by step instructions for this. Seems like there is fragemented instruction all around but not a complete end to end


I am developing using the .NET SDK/C#. My questions are;


1. How do I upload a file to the "sandbox environment"

2. Where is this environment (url)? 

3. Do I have to do anything else besides registering my app to get access to sandbox?


I have encountered som many 404 errors in links in the documentation. I have to say for someone like myself coming in and trying to start development here is seems really messy and disorganised. I don't mean to be "one of those" that always complains but it seems like you are promoting an easy "jump in and code" approach but finding the resource to just do so seems anything but...maybe I have just got it wrong but first timpressions certainly feel that way...



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