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Account lists: Header accounts

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Can you please comment on why MYOB Essentials does hot have the ability to have Headers.


This is a important part of reporting to business owners eg Salaries - Directors and Salaries - Staff should always be separated.


I have used MYOB since 1998 and cannot understand why Headers would be removed from a Accounts List.


The big advantage that MYOB had over tax preparation software like Solution 6 is that the Chart of Accounts (now Accounts List) could be modified to suit the management needs of every different business.


MYOB should be encouraging Business Owners to use MYOB regularly for decision making purposes.


We now have a subscription model which forces business owners to have the latest version.

This is good for decision making purposes but I cannot stress enough the importance of a functional Accounts List.


Duncan Smith

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Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to announce that Header Accounts have been added to MYOB Essentials.

For more information on this function please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Improved reporting with headers, quantities and more

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I thorouhly agree with the need for Sub accounts. There would be very few general ledger systems on the market that would not have this facility available. I would expect though that if you do have sub accounts set up then you should not be able to post to a header account but to a default sub account eg Motor vehicles-Misc. I have a idea posted to this forum where this facility would be very helpful.


Like many software companies developers prefer to do "flavour of the month" stuff rather rather than make the changes that users really need.



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Hi @SuszieQ


Thank you very much for your suggestion, a similar idea has been suggested here:, therefore I've merged your idea and the votes here as well.

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I would like to submit an idea to adding account type.

Generally , like MYOB Account Right / Premiere , we would be able to creat group of income or expenses based on their category 




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Thank you for your suggestion @getbackringo. A similar idea has already been suggested here, therefore I have merged your post with this idea. I would encourage you to cast your vote for this idea also, the number of votes would greatly help our developers to identify the trend, and prioritise their work. 

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This is a standard accounting function. The cloud based versions of MYOB are too basic.

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We need Headers!!!!!!!!


Have you tried using MYOB Essentials and linking it with "Client Accounting" when you have a trust distribution to create some decent reports?

It wants a header!!!!

My reports say distribution to beneficiaries "equity" because it's reading the hearder name instead of the account name that the distribution is going to. If you gave us headers I wouldn't be haing this issue.


We are having our Post Implementation session on Client Accounting Ledger next month so hopefully our instructor can assist with this issue.


In the mean time give MYOB essentials some Headers.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your votes and comments for this idea, we are pleased to let you know that our developers are planning to bring headers in Essentials Accounting. We'll be bringing you updates on the progress when we have more details available. 


Kind regards,


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Header accounts are vitally important in any Accounting/bookkeeping package if true analysis is wanted by the business owner/adviser.


Furthermore, without it in Essentials, it is an impediment for me as a Partner to recommend Classic users to migrate to Essentials.


Rob Crawford


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Hi I am wondering if the Headers have been set up yet? This was raised in 2015 and I am having trouble trying to set up a NON -CURRENT ASSETS header.


Could you please advise how I can do this please.





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The comment regarding Header Accounts was raised in 2015 with the answer being that is was planned due to the  large number of requests.

However it still does not seem to be in place?

Having migrated from a very old version of MYOB basics which did have headers I am confused as to why this version does not include them. Can you please give me an update on when they will be introduced?