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Bank rules: Turn off auto allocation

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Just wondering if there is a way to turn off the auto allocation in LiveAccounts as I find it is constantly matching wrong payments to the wrong customer or supplier invoice.  Twice I have thought that a bill had been paid as it was cleared out of the system only to receive an overdue notice from the supplier and when I go through and check it has in fact been auto reconciled by LiveAccounts with another incorrect payment


"LiveAccounts - Turn off Auto Allocation"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2015

Hi everyone, thank you for all your votes and feedback. Our developers have taken this aboard and I'm very pleased to annouse that this feature has now been implemented. 


You can now turn off bank feeds auto-allocation in the new banking system via Manage Allocation Rules, please check out the latest Essentials Blog for more information.

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Hi Heathz,


There is no option in LiveAccounts to turn off the auto matching at this time. I will pass on your suggestion to the product manager, so they are aware of the issues it is causing you.

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I also have this issue.  I have to print off my months accounts every month and check each allocated transaction and correct the ones that are incorrect.  It takes a couple of hours every month.  I would prefer auto allocation be turned off please.

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Thanks for the idea. I can certainly see how having this as an option would be a great feature. We would love to hear from other users what you think. Please keep the votes and comments coming.
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Please add this feature I am constantly finding incorrectly allocated transactions.  Quite often the only thing that matches is the amount.  This is not time saving at all.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature. Constantly having to re-allocate transactions as they are matching to the wrong invoices! Creates more work than needed.

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Hi @canberra and @Pettur 


Thanks for your comments. We also encourage you to register your vote by clicking on the + Vote icon above next to this suggestion's name.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Yes, this needs to be added it. It's pointless having amounts automatically allocated if you have to go back and re check everything anyway. This should be an easy option to add.
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It would be very good to be able to turn off Auto Allocation as this causes extra work to check that they have been allocated to correct invoice.

Please Address ASAP.

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Please add in the option to turn off auto allocation as this causes alot of extra work.  Please look at this ASAP

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Please add this option. I am constantly having to un-match and re-match payments.