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Bank transactions: Match and add transaction

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How cool would it be to be able to take a bank transaction of say $500 and apply it to two invoices that have been paid for $400 but then create a new $100 transaction to make up the difference.  

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Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows users to add adjustments when matching transactions. 

So if you have a situation where you have partially matched a bank transaction and need to allocate the residual use that Add adjustments option.

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Some transactions we have require part of the transaction to be MATCHED to an invoice, and the rest to be ALLOCATED to an account.


There doesn't seem to be a way to do this.




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My direct debit process, processes as a bulk payment (single transaction, total for 39 invoices), if a DD fails it causes problems as I cant allocate as the total payment will not match to the total invoices. If I try to bounce that part of the transaction it asks me to allocate that payment elsewhere which I cant as i need an invoice to alloacte it to.


Why can't part of a bulk transaction like this be allocated to a drop down box called 'Bank charges' or whatever, ie manually enter the amount (allows the transaction to be processed), this then gets reversed out of that ledger with the reversing transaction comes through on the bank link. Therefore the customers invoice is still outstanding and can be sorted at a later date, and the failed DD for one invoice has been delt with.


"Processing bulk payments when a Direct debit bounces"

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Thanks for your great suggestion Craigus. This would certainly make it easier to record direct debits. Anyone who would like the ability to manually allocate part of an payment, please cast your vote here.

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Thanks for the suggestion. You can match several invoices to a bank feed as long as all transactions add up to the correct amount. If you have a transaction missing, you can manually record it before matching the bank feed. This does have to be a manual process, as the software does need to know what contact and allocation accounts should be used.


When you refer to creating a transaction, do you mean in the same way that the software automatically creates transactions after you allocate a bank feed rather than match it? Do you want to be able to match some portions of a transaction, and allocate the rest?

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I would like to match some portions of the bank feed and then allocate the rest from within that same screen.  Having to go and create another 'transaction' and then go back into the bank feed and match it is too much needless work.

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Thanks for the clarification @Shane-oz . Anyone else who would like to be able to match part of a bank feed and allocate the rest, please cast your vote here.

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This sounds good

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Along these lines would be good to create a new entry when the payroll system says that $100 should come out of the bank account, but $101 was accidentally paid instead.  So hard to try and reconcile this type of transaction.

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Some of the deposits into my operating account are through our merchant facility which consolidates all deposits into one transaction for the day.


I often need to allocate some of the deposit to a GL account and some of the deposit needs to be matched to a transaction.


It does not appear possible to split a transaction across multiple tabs.


Please let me know if this can be done or if this is a possible enhancement.


See screen grab for the options required.


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Hi @TBrockhrust


Thank you for your suggestion, this idea has already been suggested here, therefore I've merged your idea with it. 


I would encourage you to cast your vote for this idea via the "+Vote" button next to the idea topic, the number of votes would greatly help our developers to identify the needs and prioritise their work.