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Customer statements: Date (range) selection




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There is no way to select a Date range for the Statements in MYOB Essentials


There is no way to choose between Activity or Invoice type Statements in MYOB Essentiasls


"Statement Date in MYOB Essentials"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

Statements in the newer MYOB Essentials platform allow users to select the Statement type for Invoice or Activity. If the Statement type Activity is selected, the user would get a date range to select the period of activity from and to. 


Check out Customer statements for more information on generating statements.

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I think it would be great if MYOB essentials had a date range function in the statements so that you can send customers statements from a particular month only.


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For voluntary organisations using Business Essentials, where the volunteer accountant or administrator isn't always available to run statements on a particular day, building in a dynamic statement date field would be really helpful.

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It would be great if you could see when statements are sent.  Currently you just get an email saying statements sent, but there is no way of knowing which customers this relates too.  If you miss one out you can't tell.

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Hi there @evolution,


Thanks so much for your suggestion. I've merged your idea with this one given the similarities between the two (this would result in more comments and kudos for this idea making it more likely to be given priority).





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MYOB Essentials customer statements lack info and really dont look great.

They need activity not just current outstanding invoices. Customers would like to see invoices billed and payments made.

It would also be great if we could select a date range when emailing or printing statements.

Also need to be able to add logo.

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I agree LouiseMech.  They don't have any styling.  There is nowhere to put a logo. 

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great idea! also the ability to send the statement to all contacts in the contact card. it only sends to the primary contact

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having a date range for statements is a must, cannot believe its not done already

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Both features would be useful - many of my clients like an activity based statement. 



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Agree, I would like to see more functionality regarding customer statements.


I am the Treasurer for a small club. We run multiple events per annum, for which members are invoiced separately. When generating customer statements, all invoices for that customer are listed, however the 'Description' field for each invoice simply says "Sales Invoice". This is not meaningful for our members as it doesn't tell them what each charge is for (ie Membership, Function 1, Function 2, etc).


I do not need the additional functionality of AccountRight, nor can my club afford the additional fee. So while I understand Essentials is designed to be a basic package (which is all I need), I am a little surprised and disappointed to find it does not provide the functionality to generate meaningful statements for repeat customers.