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Purchases: Ability to generate a purchase order




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Dear MYOB Team


LiveAccounts is a great package for small businesses and we love it.


One additional  feature will make it an awesome product: The ability to raise purchase orders then convert them to payable invoices once received.


Eliminating the double data entry


Many thanks




"Please add the ability to create a Purchase Order"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Business allows users to generate Purchase orders from the Purchases module.

Check out Help Article: Purchase orders for more information.

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Good Morning Fady,


Great to hear you are loving LiveAccounts. 


The ability to create Purchase orders and for them to turn into Expenses is something that is on the cards to get done. At this stage I do not have an accurate timeline when this will be delivered but fingers crossed before the end of the year. 

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Can't wait...really require this function

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I have run into a number of problems the last few weeks with LiveAccounts. We moved from AccountRight Plus about 6 months as we liked the fact that LiveAccounts is cloud based. We have had nothing but trouble with it really. we were told there would be a purchase order function introduced which hasn't happened. It won't integrate with any other programmes. A lot of the features don't work properly or have incorrect information for using them ie I tried changing our opening balance dates and it advises to change all transactions to one day prior to the opening balance date. When this didn't work I got on to customer service who first told me the information had been 'misleading' and then admitted the information was actually incorrect. Also the payroll feature calculates our student loan repayments incorrectly. 


I see they have changed the colour scheme. To be honest I would have far preferred they spent the time and effort making the system more relevant and accurate than wasting it on changing the colour scheme. I would love to see a purchase order function (as I was advised there would be one implemented in the next 'two or three months' back in October last year or atleast the ability to save zero balance expenses so we can make it more usable. Just do something that makes it more useful. 


If anything this system has just created more work for us as we now have to use one system for purchase orders and one for job management as well as this. Very disappointing. 

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Yes I agree. The support is not there. We also have problems with cloud and I am ditching it too. Too many headaches and I spent 6 hours on support the other day (on hold and getting help) and I can't afford that sort of timewasting in my business. And when enquiring about the AccountLive NOBODY told me about dropbox and the additional costs that would incur. 

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Agreed wholeheartedly with your comments. The colour scheme "update" was touted as something significant when really it provided no real benefits to the customers. 


Support is lacking too. I have emailed basic issues multiple times and received no email responses. One was the 'inc GST line subtotal' not being correct. A day later I found it had been fixed but no communication was issued.

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 A purchase order system would be great


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I have been using Live Accounts for 2 months and I find it really good.

However, I would really like to be able to create Purchase Orders.

This is a pretty basic function in accounting and I am surprised that it is yet to be implemented.

Alan Bottomley.

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Really relaly really would like this please developers... its the missing link.

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this should be an essential part of essentials