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Purchases: Remittance Advice




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I would like to have the function on my myob LiveAccounts to enable me to create a Remittance Advice to send to my suppliers to advise of a payment made. 


Currently when I print an expense (that has already been entered with a payment) to a supplier it produces a 'Purchase Order' document showing the expense, and the payment made.  However it would be more suitable for the document to be a 'Remittance Advice' and also have details on the document showing the bank information of the supplier in which the payment has been made to.




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Hi Everyone

Thank you for showing your support for this idea.

MYOB Essentials allows users to generate remittance advices for their payments.

Check out Help Article: Send remittance advices for more information.

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Would that be possible to create a remittance advice as most of the customers/clients are asking for the remittance advice and/or payment confirmation.


Others like Xero has this kind of feature.  

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Remittance advices for purchase payments is available in essentials, see purchases tab


Receipts aren't available but a copy of a paid invoice should surfice in the meantime


Hope that is useful