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Report: Pay item transactions - Include hours worked

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I used to be able to get hours worked on the Pay Items transaction report. The new version only has dollars. 


I contacted online support and received the following response:


I have looked at report and have found Unfortunately, Due to update, this feature has ben removed, there is no way to include it in that report.


It is very disappointing when an "upgrade" takes away a useful feature that is used.  Please return this functionality.


"Pay items report should still include hours worked"

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I agree and would also find this super useful!

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I also found having hours worked as a very good bit of information on pays.  The upgrade is a complete joke and far worse than what it was before.  Would be extremely happy to revert back to older version.  Not impressed at all.

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MYOB is getting worse with each upgrade. We have students working at our firm and we can no longer provide them with their total hours worked as this has now been removed. This will now have to be done manually and in some cases will go back to four years. Well done again MYOB.

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I am looking for a report for the Pay Item hours to recalcualte the Accured leave is there another report that I can use?