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Setup: User Accounts/restricting users

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When I demonstrated LiveAccounts early on to an accounting firm I get referrals from the initital response was "What about User Accounts and restricted access"?  Any plans on this front?


"User Accounts/restricting users"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Business allows users to have user restrictions for their users. 

Check out Users for more information on this feature.

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I also would like to know if User Accounts with restricted access will be added anytime soon as the lack of them has me looking elsewhere at the moment, the main one being the abilty to invoice only?

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Greetings again,


MAJOR ISSUES with user access. Setting up each user with certain access HAS to be implemented for security reasons.


We may have to suspend our liveaccounts account until this has been rectified.


Thanks for listening!



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I would like it if Live was able to grow with my business.


I'm reaching the point where I need different persons doing different things without having access to my entire book & reports.

e.g.  I want to delegate my invoicing to a staff member.  But I don't want the staff to see payroll, or business expenses, and definitely do not want the staff to be generating any reports!


Any chance this is already in the pipeline for delivery this year?  Or perhaps it's already a feature that I'm not aware of?




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I know this has been bandied around a bit, but I'm looking at onboarding a casual commission employee. Their job is to go out and make a sale, issue an invoice, and take a payment.


I don't want them looking through payroll, sales history, bank transactions etc. Simply Invoices, Expenses, and Custoemrs (CRM style).


Surely hiding the other features based on role is genuinely a half hour change, tops.



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I would like to have multiple users but don't want them to have access to things such as payroll and bank accounts. It appears that both user and administrators have the same access levels.


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Hi Barry, 
thanks for getting back. 

Here are some suggestions. 

If i was hiring an employee, i want to ensure the employee does not steal money from the company.

User (sales staff access)
-Restrict change of invoice
-Restrict change of payments.
-Sales staff can only return or cancel money by refund. 

-Either Get rid of delete payments or at least hide delete payment and  delete invoice
-Restrict access to all functions except to only the sales tab and contacts tab. 

When creating a user, 
Allow the super admin have more options over a user can see or access.
Eg: Super admin can set user
- to access payroll on/ off

- access contacts on/off

- access expense on/off

- access reports on/off

-banking on/off

-settings on/off

- home money out box visible on/off

- home  bank box visible on/off

For everyone else here reading this here. Currently here is the current problem, A user can edit and delete invoices and payments without a trace. Thus internal theft can happen without you knowing. 

For instance say we invoiced a client $7000.00 for building materials, the client pays the total amount in full in cash. We accept that into the system the balance is now $0. A user can actually change the item/ service sold, description, the price sold and the payment received from $7000 to $6000. The dodgy user can then walk out with $1000.00 and there is no trace that this money was stolen! 

This is an extremely important issue, and we hope everyone here will vote up! 

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Hi, this seems like a pretty basic concept to me. I can't imagine any business wanting all employees who are expected to create invoices to have full access to the businesses accounts.  I would like access restricted to just that needed to interact with the customers ie


1.  Create Contact

2.  Create and Send Invoice


Everything else does not need to be done at the site by a customer service rep. and can be done by the owner/bookkeeper remotely.


Is there any likely hood that this has moved up the priority list since it was first suggested back in 2011?  If yes, what time frame are we looking up for a release?




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Hi, This should be priority, I am looking at moving to MYOB (from Reckon), but may go to Xero as I need to be able to restrict staff to entering invoices for customers, and by the look of it this will not be happening for a while. 

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Thanks for your feedback @NewUser001 - I will ensure your comments are passed onto our product management team.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find it an invaluable resource for getting the most from your software.


All the best,

Jason Hill
Community Manager