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Correcting payroll errors

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Correcting payroll errors

Hi Everyone


Need to fix payroll errors in MYOB Business/Essentials? There’s a couple of different options to choose from so let’s have a look at them:


1. Process a separate adjustment pay or include the adjustment in the next pay run.

This option is best if you’ve already paid the employee their wages as you’ll be able to match the bank transactions with the pay transactions.


Underpaid an employee

If you're going to transfer the underpaid amount in a separate payment, process a separate adjustment pay for just that amount. To do this:

  1. Create a new pay run and select only the underpaid employee
  2. Zero out any pay items you're not adjusting
  3. Enter the adjustment hours or amount against the pay item that was underpaid
  4.        Check that the net amount equals the underpaid amount
  5.        Save and declare the pay run

If you’re going to include the underpayment in the next pay run, enter the hours or amount against the pay item that was underpaid. The net amount should be increased by the underpayment.


Overpaid an employee:

Include the adjustment in the next pay run by reducing the overpaid pay item's hours or amount or by entering a negative value against that pay item.


2. Delete/reverse the pay transaction.

If you haven't transferred the wage amounts it may be easier to delete/reverse the incorrect transaction:


To delete/reverse a pay transaction:

  1. Go to Payroll>>Pay runs
  2. Click on the Date of payment
  3. Click the employee name
  4. Click on delete/reverse


Please note: Whether you delete or reverse the pay will depend on the STP status:

Rejected and Not Sent you will need to delete

Sent, Accepted and Accepted with errors you will need to reverse


What about STP/Payroll reporting?

STP sends the employee YTD amounts to the ATO after each pay run. So if you make any changes that affect the employee’s YTD amounts the updated figures will be sent next time you do a pay run.

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We have some awesome resources available on this topic the following options would be recommended:

Alternatively, you can start a new post on this Forum and we'll be happy to help.

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