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Customise Invoice Numbers and automatically export the invoice number on a PDF

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Customise Invoice Numbers and automatically export the invoice number on a PDF

Hi there. 


I have two complaints to make that I would like to request see redressed. 


1. Before the Essentials upgrade, I used to use a three letter (alphabetical) prefix on my invoices that allowed me greater business personalisation, and ease of customer efficiency. If a client ever needed to find my invoice number in their system, the less generic invoice (ABC101) I used to supply is a lot easier to find that the numerical alternartive (101). Since the upgrade to Essentials, that is no longer an option, unless I manually enter the three letter prefix, each time I create a new invoice. This creates more work for me, rather than the streamlining of my accounting. 


2. To add to this glitch, when I export a PDF of my invoice, the Invoice number is no longer automatically loaded into the Save File As function, which means I have to also manually add this information in. This is now the stages to Export and save the PDF.........View PDF - Export - Export As PDF - Save As PDF (to save the file name) - at this point in the old Essentials the invoice number would be automatically listed, and could then be saved accurately and efficiently. Post upgrade, the Invoice number is no longer listed and has to be manually added, to replace the default "Unknown" that is now listed. Can this please be repaired to allow for a more efficient workflow. I should not have to be cutting and pasting filenames in order to fix a problem that previously did not exist. 



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