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Very dissapointed by the update.


Invoices page is a nightmare, where there were defaults previously, I now must select options, making invoice creation tedious.


I do not understand how it can be that there has been a downgrade in usability with a purported system upgrade. MYOB essentials used to be simple, quick, and easy. Now it is gawdy, tedious, and missing features that I took for granted.

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Re: Invoices

Hi @Camo123 

Sorry to hear that you are not loving the newer MYOB Essentials platform, in particular, invoices.


You mentioned that you are needing to select options when looking at your invoice page.

The newer MYOB Essentials platform follows a similar function to the Original MYOB Essentials platform with the user having the ability to filter the window by status, dates, and values. Note: Due to changes, some of the previous filters may not be available.

In terms of the actual Create invoice window is mostly the same view with some minor changes.

  • Terms are now stored in the Due date section when previously they were listed on screen - however, most users would have a set of default terms set for their business in the Sale settings.
  • Notes to customer is based on a selection list - however, they can be saved as a default.

Is there something that is not mentioned in the list above in relation to invoices that you need assistance with?

Kind regards,

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