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AccountRight Web Dashboard - payments and in tray annoyances

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AccountRight Web Dashboard - payments and in tray annoyances

Using the accountright web app with accountright, I have come accross a few minor annoyances. Perhaps someone can help me out here and tell me how simple they are to do!


  1. Supplier payments, I have not been able to find a way to pay a supplier and deduct open supplier credits when registering the payment in the web app. I always have to do this via the actual program on another machine (The only windows machine I have and only because I need it run MYOB).
  2. In Tray documents that are sent via suppliers eg. Reece which match items in the desk top app do not match in the web app, Ok fine - so then i have to go through and match all the items which is ok for a purchase with a few items - But it also doesnt match up the GST and sets everything to N-T by default! So you then also have to go through and add GST to every single line item and yes, all these items are setup with correct details in the company file.


Is there a simple solution for this?


Maybe also I'm looking in the wrong places for this information, but absolutely nothing of great help regarding the web app use with accountright seems to appear at all..

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Re: AccountRight Web Dashboard - payments and in tray annoyances

Hi @ccall48 


Customer returns can be actioned through Sales>>Customer Returns and selecting the Refund or Apply for the associated return. Unlike the desktop application, the system doesn't have a provision to warn or apply those payments when doing to record a customer payment at this time.


In terms of the selection of records, it does depend on the order in which things are selected. If the item is selected first it will pull the item's tax code. If the account is selected first it will pull the account's tax code. Should you update that line record with a different account/item then it will use that updated's records tax code i.e. update that line with a new account it will use the account's tax code.


Tax codes for accounts can be seen in Accounting>>Chart of accounts>>Tax code for the desired account. This can be changed by opening that account and update the Tax code record. Items are similar - to see and update the tax code navigate to Sales (or Purchases)>>Items and select the desired item. Don't forget to select Save on the window if you are making a change.

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