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Cancel invoice with paid deposit

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Cancel invoice with paid deposit

Hi, I worked in an event management business. How can I record to cancelled invoice with paid unrefundable deposit? The invoice was cancelled due to change of event location. The new invoice (new location) is already created but with different total amount. Thank in advance. 

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Re: Cancel invoice with paid deposit

Hello @AinaJamil 


You will need to have the invoice open to be able to take payments on it.

As the invoice is closed the invoice will not appear in the Take payments window already for a second payment. Below are the steps outlined to resolve that situation so that the correct payment and customer return can be created:

  1. Navigate to Sales>>Invoices
  2. Choose the required invoice
  3. Increase that invoice amount by $1 by adding another line to the invoice for that amount or increasing an existing line by $1
  4. Once actioned, save that invoice. This will make the invoice appear in the Take payments window so payment can be made on that invoice again,
  5. In terms of doing that payment, it is as the same as normal. You just want to ensure that the Total Amount Received and Payment amount are the amount you actually received. By saving that Take payment transaction this will make the necessary customer return.
  6. When that has been created, you want to re-navigate back to that invoice and remove that $1 amount from the invoice before re-saving it.

Note: If you don't wish to reopen that invoice, you could look at creating a new invoice for that customer for $1, recording the necessary payment on that new invoice, and then updating that invoice amount to be $0 (you will not be able to delete the line with this method, only update the amount to be $0).


Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance

Kind regards,

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