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General journal

Hi Team,


Would like to check on the following:


In my bank reconcile page, I've found 3 similar duplicated GJ with same journal number(example GJ000024), showing the same posting for 3 times, where posting was only done one time.


My client exported the journals from Beacon and imported into MYOB, and it duplicated 3 times. Some times, the journal number is the same posted, but the entries was varied. see example for GJ 000022.


Say if there's a possiblity my client has imported multiple times, wouldn't this be overwritten with different journal number?



Thanks AC

Bank Reconcile - $12,976.16First $12,976.16 showing 6 anz entriesSecond $12976.16, showing bank entriesThird $12,976.16, showing 4 bank entries


Reconcile BankFirst 12,942.43second 12,942.43Third 12,942.43

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