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Taxable payments annual report

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Taxable payments annual report



I am trying to lodge the TPAR for FY2022. I have downloaded the TPAR file (.CO1) and tried to lodge it via ATO Business Portal.


After I went into the "File Transfer", I did the test file twice but both came back failed. In the validation report it shows "Line 58. The file contains non-ASCII characters."


I haven't done anything with the report, purely just downloaded (selected all the suppliers) and followed the steps.


Could you please assist as soon as possible?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Taxable payments annual report

Hi @APiCHomes 


Unfortunately MYOB developers skipped a number of validation checks they are required to perform before creating the file. So when there is a validation issue, the user is left to lodge a non compliant file which the ATO rejects with minimal information. The user then needs to deal with it. Same thing happens with numerous STP Reporting errors which really should be picked up long before a report is submitted. Apologies if I sound harsh however this is simply developer laziness! And MYOB users pay too much to use the software to have to also deal with this. The ATO publishes detailed specifications including validation checks required, so they have no excuse. (note to moderator - if you feel the need to delete my criticism, delete just the above paragraph rather than the entire post - but do pass on the observation to your management)


Somewhere in one of the Supplier cards is an invalid character. At a guess I would say the 53rd supplier, provided you can tell what order they are in. Short of asking you to check all the supplier cards, there is not much else we can do. Some times the address field has more than one line and this can cause this error. 


If you cannot file the problem, or don't receive a more helpful reply, send me a private message for contact details for a company that can find and fix the error - you would need to send them the file and a small fee would apply.








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