2017 Forum Superhero competition winners!

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Hi all,


I am super pleased to announce the winner of the 2017 Forum Superhero competition is none other than Ron AKA @ronatbas!


Ron has been one of our most prolific MYOB partners on the forum. While Ron is known to have a particular interest in payroll related queries, with over 3700 Posts and 574 Solutions, he has clearly demonstrated that he is an all round expert of MYOB software and services.


A massive congratulation to Ron on a well deserved win of the $400 gift card!


Congratulations also to Gavin AKA @gavin12345 for winning the second prize of $150. Gavin’s knowledge of MYOB software and services is second to none. His detailed responses to some complex posts clearly show is extensive knowledge of MYOB products.


The winners of the other prize are:


- Most engaged NZ member - @Mike_James


- Most helpful Post - @Kym__Yeoward - http://community.myob.com/t5/AccountRight-Tax-and-Business/Can-I-do-a-BAS-for-a-quarter-more-than-a-...


- Best Post by a new member  - @AnnaH - http://community.myob.com/t5/AccountRight-Sales-and-purchases/Invoicing-WET-to-Wine-Retailers/m-p/47...


- Post with most kudos - @gavin12345 - http://community.myob.com/t5/AccountRight-Staffing-and/TWO-PAYMENT-SUMMARY-FOR-THE-SAME-EMPLOYEE/m-p...


- New member with most kudos - @StevenTrevor


Congratulations to all our winners!


A huge thank you to everyone who actively participated on the forum during this competition period. Your contributions have helped make 2017 the Best EOFY ever!


Special thank you to @BooksInTheCloud, @NikkiParsons, @GDay53, @Seattle, @AlanT, @Mike_James, @jenniek and @Kym__Yeoward for all the help during this period and for being among the top 10 in the points tally. 


I look forward to working closely with each of you and hope for continued support from you while we grow the MYOB Community.


Thank you!





Suja Pillai

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Well done @ronatbas and @gavin12345 - excellent work the community will be thankful for all your contributions during such a busy timeSmiley Very Happy

Hope you treat yourself well with the reward. 

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@BooksInTheCloud @Suja_P


Thankyou for the congratulations, I have a cunning plan that involves meeting up with Gavin and whisky.


Seriously I enjoy the forum, not because of any prize that may become available. What continuously blows me away is the knowledge of others. I look at Gavin, who probably  knows more about the backroom than some on MYOB tech staff, a recent private query had him explaining the hexadecimal behind it. Wow!  Then there is Mike who I reckon set some sort of record recently in sorting out a 'send to excel problem' that went for pages and pages of back and forth. Literally by about page two they were well over my head in excel. When it comes to Essentials I am not there, but between Kym double underscore Y ( a right pain when you are using a search and forget the double) and Renae in the Cloud  who always put up educational responses.

The three threads that Suja has acknowledged are all worthy of note. I hope that it will further encourage @AnnaH  to drop into the forum with some more insights on the WIne Industry and its tax treatment.


For me, a good session on the forum is when I have been able to help someone and when I have learnt something.







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Well done everyone! @StevenTrevor @AnnaH So good to see new members getting involved in the conversation!


It's really awesome to see so many great posts! Thanks to everyone who has taken time to help out other members of the community and a special thanks to our winners @ronatbas and @gavin12345. You always put so much effort into your posts!


Well done and thank you for to all community members who have participated in competition or just participate in the community in general. So good to see knowledge being shared!

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Congratulations @ronatbas and @gavin12345 this is definitely an amazing reflection on the insane levels of knowledge and practical experience that you both bring to the Forum! Its genuinely amazing that you take the time to help out our many Forum users and the multitude of questions. I’ll happily admit that I do take the time to read your posts and often learn so many new things from them.


A special congratulations to both @AnnaH and @StevenTrevor as getting started on a new Forum is never easy and it is always great to see new people getting involved and participating on our Forum, I do hope you both will continue to use the Forum going forward!


A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in this competition, sharing your knowledge is a huge part of our Forum and without each and every one of you our Forum wouldn’t be this great welcoming community that it is today

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@Suja_PThank you for your acknowledgement Smiley Happy

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So good to see @NikkiParsons back again. How were the Bahamas?Smiley Happy

Partner NikkiParsons
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@ronatbasSmiley LOL Great thanks! Just need to get this processing done then off to the Maldives me thinks Smiley Tongue Hope you're well

Community Manager Suja_P
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You are most welcome, @NikkiParsons. And welcome back! Smiley Happy