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MYOB Business/Essentials Boards introduced

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Hi Everyone

Earlier this year, MYOB announced its newest offering MYOB Business.  

To ensure that Community Forum users have access to relevant information for their queries and easier searching, we have streamlined the MYOB Community Forum and the boards that we do offer. Under the MYOB Business/Essentials Forum Category the following boards are now available:

These particular boards do have the MYOB Business (and newer MYOB Essentials) platform in mind. By focusing on each individual module of the platform, it allows users easier access to the information relating to that product module.

We have pre-populated these boards with some initial posts. Do feel free to post your MYOB Business/Essentials queries, and join in the conversation on these new boards.

Please note that these do replace the MYOB Essentials category along with the MYOB Essentials Accounting and MYOB Essentials Payroll Boards.

Happy posting!

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