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MYOB Essentials upgrade

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MYOB Essentials upgrade

What an inferior product MYOB essentials is since the upgrade. Below are the issues I am having.


1) Contacts

a) I am unable to change a contact from supplier to customer.

b) There is a section for billing and a delivery address in contacts.  If I fill the contact in correctly then quotes get sent to the billing address, even though there is a box to tick if the two are the same. (Obviously I only want invoicing to go to the billing address, I do not want quotes sent to accounts)


2) Invoicing

a) If I convert a quote to an invoice the date remains the same as when the quote was done which could have been six months ago.

b) I am unable to change the contact to accounts.  (Every company has a separate accounts department) Therefore I need to create a new invoice so it can be sent to accounts not the person to whom the quote was sent, which in turn means the quote and invoice are not linked and causes a double up of my work.

c) I want a copy of all quotes and invoices emailed  to me, but I now need to tick the box every time one is sent which is regularly missed when other employees do quoting.  

d) I do not want 000 in front of my quote number.

f) Within the date range search, it doesn't automatically change to today’s date.

g) The description in an invoice needs a larger column, this can’t be adjusted.


3)  Quotes

a) When I open a quote and click on save and duplicate it does not put today’s date it keeps the date of the old quote.

b) Once a quote has been sent I am unable to change anything.  Sometimes a customer wants a quote changed slightly and emailed to someone else.

c) The description column size can’t be changed

d) If a Quote has been converted to an invoice you can no longer duplicate the quote.

e) the ap (myob invoices) does not allow you to duplicate quotes.



4)  General

a) Everything is so slow. If I click on something in MYOB it can take up to 30 seconds to load.

b) When I am scrolling through quotes, invoices or contacts there are only so many on a page and then I need to click "load more" and then wait up to 30 seconds for them to load.

c) On ringing the help line, after going through all the options only to be told “we are currently busy, please call back later and then the call is ended. Or on several other occasions being told the wait is 25 minutes only to wait for over an hour, it finally rings only to be hung up on / cut off.


When I subscribed to MYOB I did so because the product suited my needs.  You have changed the product that I subscribed to.

You have totally changed the set up and rather than asking people to check your beta version for workability,  you have used your paying customers as Guinea pigs!

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Re: MYOB Essentials upgrade

Hi @Trish7 

Sorry to hear you are not liking the new MYOB Essentials platform. This newer MYOB Essentials platform does allow for some new features and functions, previously unavailable in the original platform. These do include things like BAS lodgement, extended report functionality, job tracking, and more. Check out Learn about the changes after upgrading MYOB Essentials for a full list of benefits of that new MYOB Essentials platform.


That said, I do understand your concerns regarding some of the changes, however, please be assured that our development teams are continuously working to make the experience for this platform as user-friendly as possible.

Kind regards,

MYOB Community Support

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Re: MYOB Essentials upgrade

Well said Trish



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Re: MYOB Essentials upgrade

I completely agree Trish and have brought up many of these same issues over the past few months since receiving the 'upgrade'. Considering that so many customers are experiencing similar frustrations/issues, I think it would be the responsible thing for MYOB to give its customers a significant refund on their subscription while resolving to alleviate these issues asap. The fact that the 'upgrade' was implemented when it is clearly unfinished and laden with flaws is to me mindboggling. Customers rely on their online accounting software as an absolutely VITAL part of their business, so to start messing around with that without even consulting the customers first is an incredibly poor decision on behalf of MYOB. I can't begin to describe the sheer frustration and ongoing disappointment I have experienced since receiving the downgrade... oops I mean 'upgrade'.

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