Big list of issues I've run into trying to set up MYOB Essential.

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Big list of issues I've run into trying to set up MYOB Essential.

1. The system won't match transfers between imported transaction accounts unless the date is exactly the same. How often do transfers between banks occur on the same day? they're almost always delayed by a day or two. There's no way to manually match them either. Surely it would look a few days around the transfer date to find a match? 


2. The ascending/descending date sorting button doesn't work properly in bank transactions, the results are all mixed up. Refer to attachment. The months are out of order. 


3. The search function in bank transactions doesn't return all the results, only if they're showing in that short list before the "load more" button. Even if you click load more, the search still doesn't include those results. So you have to click load 10 times if you have hundreds of transactions and manually look for whatever you're after. 


4. You can't create a transfer to a long term liability account? how am I supposed to pay a mortgage off? I had to make my mortgage a 'credit card' account to make it work.


5. If you're importing a statement, transactions are ignored if outside of the financial year option in business settings. I spent hours trying to figure out why 0 of my transactions from 2018-2019 imported. A warning message would be nice.


6. Bank rules don't apply to already imported transactions. If you add a bank rule it should apply to all the transactions already in the list rather than only on new imports. 


7. I spent 2 hours on the phone today waiting to talk to support and gave up.


8. Oh and you can't import a CSV file? My credit card account only allows export of CSV. So I have to convert it to a QIF file to upload it to MYOB. MYOB is the only accounting platform I've come across that doesn't allow a CSV import. Ridiculous. 


The amount being charged for this application is up there with the top competition, I'm not sure how it is justified. 

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Re: Big list of issues I've run into trying to set up MYOB Essential.

Hi @Uniformblack 

Thank you for sharing your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials. 


The transfer money functionality for banking transactions is designed to look for transactions record on the same date. This is generally because typically, most clients will transfer money between the same accounts within the same bank. As this process typically occurs instantaneously within banks, unless a large amount is transferred, the system caters for that.


The sorting of the transactions is not something I have been able to replicate in my MYOB Essentials, however, I've passed that feedback on to the required team. Along with the displaying of long lists.


Transfer money transactions are intended to be recorded between two bank accounts or credit cards. Other account types would involve a General Journal or Spend/Recieve Money transactions to be entered.


Bank rules are intended to be marked for transactions going forward. If you have created rules and need for existing transactions to be allocated you would be looking at allocating those transactions manually. Can be done in bulk by selecting multiple and then selecting the allocate option.


MYOB Essentials is intended to import bank statements files as QIF format, which is the common file format for those files, while banks and other financial institutions can allow for different formats to be generated, QIF or OFX files are the ones that can be imported in MYOB Essentials.

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