Couple of Suggestions, Couple of Questions...

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Couple of Suggestions, Couple of Questions...

I have been using MYOB LiveAccounts since November after being away from MYOB for a couple of years, loyal follower for 10 years previously & for the money find it to be reasonable bang for buck, however I do have a couple of suggestions for whoever's listening:


  1. Logo on all outputs for external stakeholders (i.e. Payslips, Reports, etc.);
  2. The ability to delete/amend journals (PLEASE?!) & to overcome the eternal arguement in relation to paper trails (which I'm assuming most people voice when using multi-user software) simply implement a password lock function whereby an administrator (for want of a better word) can allow this function if they wish;
  3. The ability to use the characters currently disallowed for account names (i.e. < > (  ) # % etc.) not really sure where this is stemming from, seems an antiquated arguement;
  4. The option of exporting ALL reports to Excel or PDF (again...PLEASE?!) for further manipulation & analysis, come one guys! Pretty please, simple ratio analysis on P&Ls & BSs would be AWESOME!!!
  5. Having accounts list in the order of their account numbers as opposed to alphabetically, perhaps I've missed something here, I'd be happy to be topld if this is the case, but if not then this is **bleep** annoying;
  6. Sub-heading in accounts (e.g. Super under wages, etc.);
  7. Again, I may have inadvertently caused this through ignorance, but when entering equipment/asset purchases through supplier expenses it distorted the graph on the main page of the dash board making it superfluous, perhaps have this relative to accounts thereby having the capacity to ignore asset accounts rather than (again I'm assuming) having it connected to supplier invoices (which of course include asset purchases);
  8. The ability to retain the "To" field when performing a "Spend Money" when the text isn't the name of a previously entered Supplier, not as a supplier but simply as a text string that then appears in the transaction history. This makes it easier to see what's happened in my head when scanning over transaction history looking for anomolies, etc.

That's a couple for now, well several, I'm sure there's others but I'll simply post them as I come across them. If you feel that these are functions of a higher level package & that I should be buyng let me know, is there a monthly payment plan for the higher level packages I can sign up for.


I'm using MYOB through circumstance rather than choice but have enjoyed the experience again, I'm almost tempted to buy a superior package just to see what you guys have been up to but not sure how long I'll require it's services, so I'll hold fire for now.


In closing, sorry if these questions are resultant from ignorance as opposed to software limitations, learning on the run, please advise if this is the case & also if you believe I should be looking at one of your other packages?!


Cheers... ;-)


PS. Does LiveAccounts data easily migrate to any perceived upgrades?!

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Re: Couple of Suggestions, Couple of Questions...



Thank you for your suggestions. Some answers to a few of the questions:


1. This makes sense, unfortunately it is not on the immediate roadmap.

2. We are working on this now. You will be able to view/edit all non system journals on the Transaction History page.

The initial plan is to leave it up to your discretion how you handle the journals.

3. Thanks, yes looking into this at the moment. We need to fix a few fields that are currently restricted.

4. a)Yes, not immediately but hopefully after April.

    b) :-), yes it would. I will talk to the product owners.

5. I will find out about this one. 

6. A few people have asked for this. No plans at the moment.

7. I will investigate.

8. Great idea, I will see what we can do.


I will talk to Richard about which package may suit you.



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