Customer Sales [Detail] report - Tax field

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Customer Sales [Detail] report - Tax field

I create a number of invoices with multiple detail lines on a weekly basis.   I then need to send a Customer Sales detail report to a company who we a providing a service for.    I have customised the report to give me the end results that I need for the client.     Below is a list of concerns I have.

  1. Amount is ex GST on the output report   eg.  Line Item amount is $1093.12, report displays $993.75  
  2. The Column/field  Tax+Amt is not correct.   The GST Total on a GST Inclusive Invoice is $718.12, for the line item above it has $718.12.   It should be the GST for the Line item  ($99.375) and not the total Invoice GST.
  3. Cannot delete some of the Static data already on the Report,  Does not suit my clients need.   Example : Status and Tax Code.   I can only remove fields that I have added.
  4. The column Current Balance against each line item is the Total Invoice Amount.   Not sure why you would use this field for line item reporting.

Other concerns

Cannot change the detail fields on an Invoice.   Eg.  I do not require Disc column and would like to see it be optional.


Is it possible to change the Customer Sales Detail report to allow filtering on Invoice Numbers.   eg.   Select a particular invoice to export or create PDF.


Thank you


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Re: New MYOB Essentials - Reporting Issues

Hi @Brigitte47 


Like the majority of reports in your MYOB Essentials platform, the Customer Sales [Detial] report allows the user to add in additional columns. Two of those columns are the Tax and Amt + Tax. Ideally, the Tax should be reporting the tax component of that individual line and the Amt + Tax showcase what is effectively the tax-inclusive value. Having said that, we've raised this situation with the required team as it does appear that the Tax amount is showing the full invoice tax amount, not the individual line amount. This does have a flow effect on the Amt + Tax value on that report.


In terms of the other situations, you have raised:

  • The Current Balance value showing the current balance of the overall invoice, this is by design. As the invoice only has one balance it will duplicate that value for each line of the invoice.
  • Only user-added columns can be removed from that report at this time, with the exception being the Quantity column.
  • The Create invoice window is a set window and users are not able to remove or add columns at this time. The removal or hiding of columns made be something that is considered for the future, however, not something the current software is capable of.

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