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Employee reimbursed for expense; bank transaction

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Employee reimbursed for expense; bank transaction

My query is that an employee has paid for an expense which has been reimbursed through her wages.  The expense needs to be input as a bill payment so I have a copy of the invoice in the system (MYOB), however I cannot save the match and allocate the remaininig amount of her wages.  Apart from allocate the whole transaction, how else can I do this so I have a copy of the invoice in the system?

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Re: More flexible matching for bank transactions



Your query should really be a new post. Hopefully @Suja_P  will move it to be it's own thread


Here's a three step process to achieve what you want. Sorry it's a bit cumbersome, but it will get your result

Before you start this you need to set up a Dummy Bank account. So a new account, of type Bank, but it will never be linked to a real world account.


1) Do your bill payment from the using the Dummy Bank as the account you're spending from. This will get the bill in your system and the GST etc accounted for.


2) Journal the equivalent amount as follows

Dr     Dummy Bank Account           $x.xx

Cr                Wages Expense account               $x.xx

this will clear the Dummy Bank account


3) reimburse the employee through payroll, making sure that you set up an allowance for them and that the allowance is NOT taxable, nor is it included in any Superannuation calculations (I'm not sure of the finer details of Australian payroll). This will reimburse the employee and create a debit in the Wages Expense Account that will be exactly offset by the credit on the journal in step 2


So that should do it ... bill in the system, employee reimbursed, and all accounting correct.



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