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New MYOB Essentials

I'm about to set up a small client and I see that as per the promises at MYOB Incite in January, there is a new MYOB Essentials and it's half price and with apparently features like Job costing.


We were also told that our existing Essentials customers would be rolled into the new Essentials from May onwards and we would have features such as reports to Excel AND this would definitely all happen within 3 months (refer opening speech by Greg Ellis)


It's now late June, my current clients are still on the old Essentials, I can't move them over to a better program efficiently/cheaply because it's STILL not possible to export things like chart of accounts and customer lists to Excel AND they are being charged double the price that new customers get for a purportedly better progam.


So MYOB is giving a better product at half the price to win new customers while locking in old customers to a lousy program (sorry but it really is) at twice the price because they really are locked in when you can't export data to Excel?


Am I missing something?  I really hope so.


Additionally I'm about to move another client who has downsized from ARlive to Xero $20 a month cashbooks which will do the trick but doesn't have the ability to do accruals and has to run through my own credit card.   The new Essentials is only $24, appears to provide much more in the few sentences of hype on the website and the client pays direct (yay) but where can I actually go to see a demo of the program and how it works?  I don't trust MYOB anymore at all with their promises as to what their programs will or won't do.  I can't even find a support note as to how the job costing works in the new MYOB (it says it does but if you click on FAQ it tells you to get ARLive) or if I dont like the program, does it export contacts and chart of accounts to Excel so we change out of it or is that still ''coming" like everything else?


Is there anyone actually using the new Essentials?



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Re: New MYOB Essentials

Hi @carolineh 


We do have a newer version of MYOB Essentials available on the market. Any clients that do uptake on a new MYOB Essentials subscription will be given that newer MYOB Essentials product. Older MYOB Essentials clients will be migrated in stages. We initially planned to migrate those clients towards the end of this quarter, however, based on the feedback we were receiving from the clients already on the new platform this has been delayed at this point to ensure that we do have the best experience for those clients. At this stage, we don't have an exact timeframe for when a particular MYOB Essentials business will be migrated.


From a subscription point of view, MYOB Essentials subscriptions are valued at the same price. You will probably find that the clients on new MYOB Essentials may be on a deal as they are new subscribers to the product thus the pricing would be different.


In terms of job costing in new MYOB Essentials, it is a feature that has been added to the product, I believe it was introduced last week. We've added that particular function as a soft launch and therefore promotion of that feature has been limited. However, marketing communications and other announcements are intended around that feature next month. Don't really think the focus for the majority of clients is around new features at this time with the end of the financial/payroll year is around the corner. That being said information relating to the jobs in new MYOB Essentials can be found on Help Article: Jobs.

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