Pay Run without STP Reporting?

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Pay Run without STP Reporting?

Is it possible to create a pay-run but not have it report to STP? There's a perfectly valid reason.


Currently I am on MYOB essentials trial and want to replicate my business transactions in MYOB. I want to do this so I can cross-check with my accountant that I am doing everything correctly. 


My accountant manages my STP obligations on my behalf as of 1/7/2020. He uses different software and reports on my behalf. I want to do it myself from Q2 2020-2021 onwards, but for now I want to be able to process all pay-runs from 1/7/2020 to 30/9/2020 by myself, however the only option is to submit via STP.


is there a way I can generate my pay runs in MYOB but not report to STP for a specified time period (since my accountant is already doing so? The intent would be to produce the pay runs and then compare against actual STP reported pay runs to make sure I am processing them correctly and then commence completing my own STP from Q2 onwards.

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Re: Pay Run without STP Reporting?

Hi @greenacresp 

What you are proposing is quite complicted. The software has a payroll reporting code that is used each time a pay event is reported to the ATO. When you run a pay, the year to date figures are sent to the ATO using the payroll reporting code. Your accountants software will have a different code to yours and the ATO will think your reporting, which will include Q1, is new, and will include both the accountants figures and yours. The accountant will have to process a negative pay for the total of all wages that they have already reported, otherwise you will be doubling up. I suggest you discuss this with them.


In relation to your question to not report your entries, it would be best to not set up your software for STP Reporting until Q2. If you have already done it, and as there is no provision to skip the reporting, I would chage the set up adding an invalid character in Payroll Settings which will cause an error, and it won't get reported. You can then correct this when you are ready to report.


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