Report on holding account

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Report on holding account

Hi there,

I have a question in relation to customer deposit.

We receive customer deposit and later on we refund the deposit to customer.
The process I am doing now is:
1. create sales invoice for the deposit (allocate to holding account - deposit)
ie: DR Bank CR holding account - deposit
2. create sales return when refunded
ie:CR Bank DR holding account - deposit

Now I want to run a report to show deposits only.
However I could not locate such report. All I have is sales report which shows all customer sales.
Is there a filter I can apply to make the report only showing deposits (not all real sales)?
We have hundreds of customers, but only some of them pay deposits.
Through this report, I want to see how much deposit they have paid and whether I have refunded the deposit.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Report on holding account

If the holding account is only used for the deposits and refunds, then you should be able to do a General Ledger detail report on the account code and check it that way. You could avoid using the sales module and just use Spend Money and Make a Deposit for this to reduce processing. I use the Reconcile Accounts function in Banking  for this type of account (Holding, suspense, etc) as you can match the debits and credits and are only left with the items that haven't been cleared.




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