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STP Reporting



I am trying to finalise my end of year payroll and I have payruns which are not showing up. I set up my STP on the 1st April and all pay runs from before that date are not included in the STP reports and the amount differs from the payroll report I have produced. Is there a way to report past pay runs dating before I set STP up at all?



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Re: STP Reporting

Hi @Jimbob86 


STP updates the YTD amounts each time you do a payrun. Each report overrides the previous one so you shouldn’t send old reports as they will override the current YTD amounts.  All payruns done prior to starting STP were included in the YTD amounts in the first STP payrun you processed. 


If you terminated any employees prior to starting STP you will need to remove their termination date from their card, then process a $0 pay to update their YTD amounts through STP.


Check that the payroll activity report and payroll register report are the same. Check that all your payroll categories are set up correctly and have been assigned the correct ato reporting category. 


If you pay annual leave loading, check that that category hasn’t been ticked exempt from PAYG. If it has, untick then do $0 pays for effected employees to update their YTD amounts.


Let me know how you go


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