Sales by item report

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Sales by item report

I want to produce a sales report on a month my month basis for the last financial year of each of our product lines to see what is selling well at certain times of the year.

Is my only option to do a 'sales by item report' for each month individually? if so, is there somehow I could export the data to excel rather than pdf? at least then i could pull the 12 month picture together myself?

or is there something I a missing an easy solution?


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Re: Sales by item report

Hi @Whirlwind


Editing my post as I realised too late that this was on the Essentials board and I had originally posted AccountRight information.


In terms of Item reports in Essentials they are fairly limited in a very "what you see is what you get" kind of way, with the Sales by Item being the best report for this data.


However with getting the data to Excel this cannot be done directly. There are some workarounds where there are some converters online that can help convert your PDF data to Excel format that could make it easier, and some others on the forum have mentioned that if they highlight and copy the data and paste it into a blank workbook it can help after they change some of the formatting and layouts.



To see an Excel Export function in the future, I suggest posting this on the Essentials Idea Exchange. You can do this by going to: Browse Community > Essentials > Essentials Idea Exchange > Submit an Idea



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