Starting payroll mid way through the financial year

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Starting payroll mid way through the financial year

My confusion is around essentials and zero payruns. If I started my Essentials file from Oct 1st 2019 and had an employee finish employment on end of August. My understanding from the help menus is that I enter the pays for July August, then do a zero pay run for that employee this will push through the amounts to the ATO.  But this isnt neccessary if the final pay included an ETP. If it included an ETP then this would be done manually. 


2 confusing variables: when is a zero payrun neccessary ? I can see the ETP payitem available, why cant I use that ? do i still need to finalise the employee in reporting after the zero payrun? 


2 links :  1 says ETP cant be processed another says it can

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Re: Starting payroll mid way through the financial year

Hi @Consulting4accs 


This help article, Processing an ETP, will guide you through processing the ETP payment and terminating the employee.


A $0 pay is done to create an update event. This simply notifies the ATO of any changes/corrections you have made to an employee's YTD amounts. For example, if you processed and reported a payrun twice. When you delete one of those payruns you only update Essentials, so you would then do a $0 pay to correct the YTD amounts with the ATO. Or if you had assigned the incorrect ATO reporting categories to a Pay Item, you would correct the Pay Item in Essentials and then process a $0 pay to move the amounts from the incorrect ATO reporting category to the new one, thus updating the YTD amounts with the ATO.


I hope that clarifies it for you. Please let me know if you need further help.

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