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Two factor authentication

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Two factor authentication

I'm havaing issues with 'Trust this device for 30 days'

when authenticating with the 'Twice Factor authentication' I've ticked the box for Trust this device for 30 days; but it doesn't seem to be working as it should, everytime I log on I still need to get the email for the authentication.

It worked at first but for at least the past Month and half, I have to authenticate each time.

is anyone else still having this problem? and how can I resolve it?

I saw the previous posts for this but the cookies haven't been cleared in this time so that isn't the issue with me.

Is there a solution for this? 

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Re: Two factor authentication

Hi @Niners

The Trust this device for 30 days box will try and save a cookie with the relevant information. If that cookie is either not saved/corrupted/or cleared then it will not be used the next time you are presented a MYOB Login page.


The general steps to look into for this can be found on this support note: Trust this device for 30 days


If the cookie is corrupted, this can result in new cookies not saving despite the box being checked. This is fixed by clearing the corrupted cookie and then re-opening the browser to make sure the new session is being used.


Let us know how you go.



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