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YTD amount correction


I am trying to figure out how to correct the YTD amount on a payslip. Last July I discovered a few errors on previous payslips for an employee (all to do with leave hours being taken) and ended up deleting the pay and resubmitting with the corrections. I later discovered that this hadn't actually reversed anything as the leave accrual had doubled because the deleted pay had not been subtracted. I corrected this by changing the opening leave balance and all seemed ok. However I have just realised that my YTD amount is incorrect, as it must have included that extra pay that was deleted, so the the very first payslip of this financial year - which should have a YTD amount of that one pay only - is incorrect, showing the amount of 2 pays.

Is there a way to easily adjust this ytd amount? Deleting and reissuing a pay/payslip doesn't seem to work for me...

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Re: YTD amount correction

Hi @KR_123 


I'm wondering which figure you are wanting to change on the payslip exactly. In Essentials, the payslip will show the total entitlement hours available (not separated into YTD + opening balance); the YTD amounts showing there are all dollar values (Gross, PAYG and Take home amounts), which figure are you trying to update exactly?


If it's the available hours, ideally it should be updated by each pay runs, but yes it can be manipulated by changing the opening balance as a last resort. If it's the YTD dollar figures to be changed, they are calculated totals from all pay runs recorded within the current payroll year, and cannot be manually changed. 


If the YTD dollar figures are wrong, then we do suggest reviewing all payslips recorded within the payroll year, from oldest to newest to identify when it started to go wrong, delete it then record it correctly. Please note that payslips are reported based on their 'Paid on' date, not the pay period. For example, if a pay run has last payroll year's pay period but the 'paid on' date is within this payroll year, its figures will be included in the current YTD total. I'd suggest using Payroll reports > Past pay runs when checking, it shows both the pay period and the paid on date.


Please feel free to let us know how you go.


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