accounts transactions

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accounts transactions

how do i look at all the transactions is a specific account. i can only find the account listing. i want to select a particular account and see all the transactions in that account to see what that balance is made up of.


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Re: accounts transactions

Hi @Leah984,


Welcome back to the forum and I hope you are finding the forum helpful.


In Essentials Accounting, I would look at the reports such as General Ledger Detail and Profit & Loss Statement or Balance Sheet report to search for all transactions for a particular account. 


For example, if it is an Income account I would go to Profit & Loss account and click on the link on the amount for that account and it will display a detailed view of that account. You can further click on the Reference number to see the initial transaction that you have entered.  

24 April -4.png

or General Ledger Detail report to see the transactions that have affected this account


24 April -5.png


You can also click on the reference no. to see the transaction that was initially entered. 


Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


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