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1 business name, 2 different logos - 2 invoice templates





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At the moment we have to raise 2 lots of invoices in MYOB. For one part of the busness that uses another logo and template we raise it in MYOB for our records, but then need to duplicate it in another program and then send it. It would be good if MYOB allowed you to set up 2 templates (one for each type of business/logo) and then when raising and sending the invoice allow you to choose the template you wish to send it with. While we like MYOB we are at the point where we think it will be easy to go back to our previous system as this doubles the amount of time we spend on one side of the business adminisration of invoicing.


Would save a lot of work.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hello @AJ1 


Thank you for your suggestion, we're always looking to improve workflow in Essentials and would be happy to consider the option to change between the customised invoices.


We encourage any other users that require this feature to comment and vote.


Kind regards,




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I have the same problem and I see this was bought up to myob in 2015 and still no change 3 years later. Surely it’s not that hard to update? Does anyone know of other accounting software that allows for this?

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This is a must have and its absence is causing a lot of pain. My vote goes for it to be included in MYOB Essentials.

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Due to the lack of this feature, I have now changed over to Xero, and loving it. With the recent price increase by MYOB, I am now ahead financially as well.

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When will it be released ??

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Hi, We have a similar problem. We operate two variations of our business from MYOB. We would like to choose from two types of invoive ( different logo/ theme), and also, more importantly to us, have one type of invoice arrive in our customers email inbox from one of our email addresses, and the other type from our other email address.  I have been trying on and off for months to try to do this. I'm thinking its not possible, but that's what we need to really help our business.

We would be grateful for any help. Regards.

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Hi there, 


 unfortunately I had this issue with MYOB almost two years ago and am still getting notifications of comments like yours. I don't think this is something that MYOB are going to change. I have changed to another accouting software and am able to do this easily. 

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This is becoming really critical and if this does not get resolved soon, I might have to jump ships too. MYOB, any updates from your end?

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This would be  agreat idea. I have a consultancy business as well as a franchise business and both run under the same ABN. It would be great to have the ability to set up 2 templates and choose which one the invoice is under.

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We have one company with two businesses operating from the one ABN.  Would like to have the ability to create 3 different invoice templates operating from the one abn and chart of accounts.