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Account Lists: Allow for Wages and Salaries to be a cost of sales account




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New Zealand

MYOB Essentials Payroll expense allocation. I have Contractors that I take and pay Withholding Tax for, and the system automatically calculaes each month how much their Gross Pay and Withholding Tax is from the weekly payments. Unfortunatley the system automatically allocates these expenses to Wages and Saleries as an "Expense" however I need to allocate the expense to "Cost of Sales" as they make up approx 80% of my cost of Sales. The simple solution to this would to be to un-padlock the Wages and Saleries account and let me change this from "Expense" to "Cost of Sales". Can this please be done and if not why not; as I am sure this is the same sceniro for many tradesmen running small businesses.


"Expense Accounts & Cost of Sales Account"