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Additional tax codes

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I would like to be able to add more tax codes to the basic ones available in MYOB Essentials.



Dulcie Bridges

Bridges' Bookkeeping

Bunbury, WA

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Last Changed: July 2018

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Hi @DulcieBridges


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials and the tax codes available

MYOB Essentials is designed to be a simple accounting program and as such doesn't contain a complex list of tax codes. However in saying that you would mind going in more detail about the types of tax codes that you would like to see added.

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We need a PRI code in essential

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I purchased MYOB Essentials to handle the accounting for my business in Japan. In Japan they have a Consumption Tax of 8% instead of 10%. It would be extremely helpful and would make your product more desirable world wide if you were able to:

1. Rename the GST (ie. rename as CT) on invoices.

2. Allow a different percentage of tax to be calculated.

3. Change the $ symbol default to another currency symbol

I purchased MYOB to automate my business accounting but not having the 3 items above means that I have to manually send my invoice rather than use MYOB Essentials.

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How does a sole trader account for withholding tax on their invoices which will be deducted by the client?

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I would like to be able to add more tax codes to the basic ones available in MYOB Essentials.

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Yet another ridculous limitaion on Myob essentials, the inabilty to add differant tax codes. My compnay imports good, and as such we have the 100% GST duty tax to be paid and claimed, essentials does not let me add this, so how on earth do I claim it?


Also I started the original feed of not being able to allocate money to differant job lots, this is a BASIC !!!! bookeeping function, to be able to work out a P & L on jobs. This has not been adressed in years, I am seroiusly thinking of going through the hassle of changing to a differant online system. I am also thinking of getting a specific face book page to drive bussiness away from MYOB essentials due to the apalling lack of interest from the company in adressing these simple issues. So my original question, how do I enter in the 100% GST tax on my goods ???? I am beyong frustrated with MYOB, essentials is not a cheap monthly program, and it is insane that these basic functions are not present.

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I'm new to both MYOB and accounting.


I have purchased a vehicle through my business from an individual, not registered for GST and, as such would like to allocate to Capital acquisitions that have no GST (yes, I am reading Bookkkeeping Essentials for Dummies). It appears the code CGF has been removed since this book was published, yet the ability to add codes hasn't replaced it? So in fact we have less now than in 2014.


I have to agree with most comments I see on MYOB forums, the support for this software is subpar. So many simple improvements that could be made, yet are ignored.

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As a tax agent I often use a private GST code especially for sole traders and partnerships.  In previous versions of MYOB including business basics it was possible to create a GST Private code which would allocate the GST private portion to owners drawings.  Can MYOB create a PRV code in MYOB Essentials that will allocate 10% i.e. the GST of the amount entered with PRV to owners drawings and then the remainder of the amount to an expense account so that three entries aren't required for every expense with a private portion only two?

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Would be good to keep GST on income and GST on expenses seperate or at least to be correct in the GST return in MYOB essentials.  Just found an instance were an expense refund was put to sales in the GST return when it really should have been netted off expenses. 

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I have caravan park / permanent accommodation, the tax on income for the permanent residents is 5% or 50% of the income is taxed at 10% which means you have to do a double entry to get the tax correct. MYOB Essentials doesn't have this tax code, it would be good to have an option to create a new tax code or have this code recognized in the tax code list.