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Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Comparatives





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It would be good to have the ability to generate a Balance Sheet and P&L that shows prior period comparative data within Live Accounts.


If possible, the option to show additional columns such as $ movement or % movement would be helpful also. 


Most accountants would find this helpful in analyzing the performance of a business.

Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: January 2017

Thank you all for your interest in this idea. 


Last year comparatives is already available for Profit & Loss in Essentials Accounting, our developers are also planning to bring this option for Balance Sheet as well. We will bring you updates when we have more details available. 

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It would be very helpful on a number of fronts to be able to export key reports to excel; not merely the single pdf format!


Likewise the Multi Period P & L Report is such a wonderful analytic tool in the other MYOB accounting products that it should be replicated in Live Accounts.


It's some the smaller/first time users attracted to LiveAccounts that need as much guidance and analysis as possible to ensure they grow and succeed.


The above enhancements would help immensely.

Super Cover User TomOnTuesday
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You can do all of that now: Reports/P&L or Balance Sheet/Last Year Analysis. The reports compare the same date range this year with last yeare, including $ and % differences.

Partner Davo76
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I can see this is available in AccountRight Live but haven't seen an option for this in Live Accounts.



MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your feedback on the reporting options Davo76, this type of update is something that may be able to be added into a future update. Other users who would like this added in please vote to show your support for this idea.
Experienced Cover User STBA
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I agree 100% with Davo76.

A prior period (typically same period last year) comparison column is VERY IMPORTANT to us, particulary for the P&L report.


In fact if this is not implemented by the end of this Financial Year it might be a deal-breaker. By that I mean that we may cease to use Live Accounts.


Live Accounts is fun to use and it has so much potential, but gaping holes like this badly need to be fixed.


Alan Bottomley.

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Can we please have the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports updated so that they will have the option to show prior year comparative figures in MYOB Essentials? Every other MYOB product has this so not sure why this is not available for MYOB Essentials. We are having to export the reports to Excel to manually give comparatives and this very unproductive.

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I have use ODBC to create a direct link to any myob data files, you can create a comparison using link to 5 different years if you wanted, enabling you to refresh your data with a click of a button.


You should look into it. If you need further assistance let me know.




Experienced Cover User STBA
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Please MYOB Essentials software team ...

Can you please get something happening on prior period comparison figures.


The lack of this feature seems like a gaping hole to me (and to our Accountant).


When I signed up for MYOB Essentials I just assumed that this feature would be available, but it isn't. And even now, after 15 months of using this on-line software, I see that its status is only "Under consideration".

If the status changes to something like "being implememted" within the next few months then that would be great !

Otherwise I may have to ditch using MYOB Essentials which would be a great pity.


Alan Bottomley.

Experienced Cover User STBA
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I agree 100% with MeganP.


We need the option of prior period comparison figures in MYOB Essentials.


I posted some comments on a closely related topic elsewhere.



Alan Bottomley.

Experienced Partner DebraAnderson
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Being able to print year on year comparitive reports for P&L and Balance Sheet are absolutely essential for any accountant to be able to work with the file.