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Bank Feeds: American Express (AMEX ) issued cards




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Currently Bank Feeds are not available for American Express Cards issued by American Express.


Please get this link happening ASAP.


Also for ING Direct bank accounts.


"Bank Feed - American Express Corporate Card issued by AMEX not Bank"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2016

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your votes and comments on this idea.


Bank feeds for American Express cards (issued by American Express) are now available for Australian Essentials Accounting users. For more information regarding the setup process, please see this Online Help article:


Setting up bank feeds

Experienced Partner DavidGrant
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When wanting to make a transfer to an account that isn't able to have a bank feed into Live Accounts - eg Amex.


Get the message that a manual transfer needs to be created and are then taken to a screen to create the transfer - but none of the original information isn't taken accross - eg Account from and amount.

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It is very time consuming having to manually type in all transactions off Amex cards issued by amex. Why cannot this problem be rectified?

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Agree Jimk61 & champion.  Not sure what relevance the lawsuit between Amex & the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has to do with a data interface for the mutal clients of MYOB & Amex. Can someone from MYOB please explain.

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Adding my support to this. Sorely needed.

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Is there an update to this?  I'm keen to use bank feeds for AMEX, really the only reason why I want bank feeds.

Partner Miket
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MYOB really need to get this into play ASAP

Community Manager Suja_P
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Community Manager

Thank you all for your post, comments and votes. We are currently in discussions with AMEX on providing AMEX feeds to your file. We will be back shortly with further details including the timing for delivering AMEX feeds. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. We also encourage others who would like this to continue voting on the idea. 

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I also support the need for bank feeds with AMEX, please provide an update.

Community Manager Suja_P
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Community Manager

Thank you for your comments, @Swann21.  Unfortunately we don't have an estimated timeframe on how soon AMEX Bank Feeds will be available in Essentials. We will give you an update as soon as available. To show your support, could you also please take a moment to vote for the Idea. You can vote by clicking on the + Vote button at the top left hand side of the post. 

Contributing User Mking
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Hi is there any update with the AMEX bank feeds?