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Bank reconciliation: Changing allocate to account on reconciled account

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Wondering if you would allow the account codes to be changed after a Bank Rec has been done, if I need to change the account code I need to undo the Bank Rec and change the account code.


In AccountRight you can still change the code after the Bank Rec has been performed.


"Change Account Code after Bank Reconciliation"

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Hi Faithe,


Unfortunately, sometimes it is one of those things that I find I have to do because a sales invoice was incorrectly coded in the 1st place.


Fortunately the Bank Reconciliation focuses only on the payment side of things and has nothing to do with invoice coding.




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Hi Taz,


It is when I do spend money and say for example I put the full expense to Petrol but the client has given me a receipt after the fact and some of was not petrol and needs to re-allocated to drawings. I have already entered that transaction and reconciled the Bank. In AccountRight you have the ability to drill down on the transaction and change the account code so I would be able to split it between petrol and drawings but once the account has been entered in Live Accounts you cannot change it.

Is this something that can be looked into.



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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows for the user to update the Allocate To account on an already reconciled transaction.