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Bank transactions: Include bank accounts in allocation accounts





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I import my bank statement to reduce my workload as I can allocate to expenses etc, without having to enter the transactions prior. 


The business I do accounts for operates a safe, as in real safe carrying cash.  This is a 'bank' account in MYOB but not a real bank account from which a statement can be imported.  I want to be able to allocate imported bank transactions to the safe account.  Having to enter a manual transaction is a headache, and I never had to do this when using MYOB Premier.


Can you please remove the requirement to enter a manual transaction in order for the import to match and instead allow the 'bank' accounts to come up on the allocation account list.





"Live Accounts Bank Allocation"

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MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Banking accounts and other accounts will appear in the Allocate to Account for Bank transactions with MYOB Essentials