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Bank transactions: Match partial invoice values

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I think Myob should be able to match uneven amounts that are deposited.


This is particularly troublesome for me as  I receive eftpos deposits containing several progress payments across multiple invoices. This makes matching to invoices incredibly difficult and I have to enter customer payments. This makes having bank feeds redundant to a degree.


There already is a column for matching called "amount to apply" but you cannot edit it. It would be ideal if this feature could be added.





 "Matching uneven deposit amounts"


Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2015

Hi @seachange and everyone

Thank you all for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials and the matching of non-full payments.

I'm pleased to annouce that you can now match partial payment bank feed transactions in MYOB Essentials using the new Banking experience. For more information please see More flexible matching for bank transactions

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Hi @seachange

Thank you for your additional feedback in regards to this idea. We also think that it will save MYOB Essentials users some time and less than ideal workarounds. 

If you do have any further enquires or ideas in regards to an MYOB program or Service don't hesitate to post these on the MYOB Community Forum again.