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Bank transactions: Search box to find match

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When clicking on the transaction in the banking window and then asking to match to invoice.  There needs to be a seach at the side where you can put in customer name, inv no. etc.  Very hard to locate the transaction when there are over 100 invoices waiting for payment in such a 2 inch high search screen also Smiley Sad


"Customer Payments"

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And allow the window to be resized. It is a rather small window

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I would really like to see the window enlarged also!!!!

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This is the only issue I have at the moment with essentials. This and the matching of uneven deposits.


The window is far to small.


Thanks for raising this. 

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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your support for this idea. 


With the new Bank Transaction release in Essentials Accounting, the possible match window is a lot larger, there is now a search field available as well.