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Calculator Activated by Pressing Numeric Operators (+, -, *, /) Within Field




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Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used one of the original MYOB desktop software packages & it had the most incredibly useful function I had ever seen in an accounting package...being the ability to perform calculations within any field simlpy by hitting one of the numeric operator buttons (i.e. +,-,*,/) which would then perform this calulcation without the need to take your hands off the keyboard, rummage around in your drawer for your calculator, perform the function, then enter the result in the aformenetioned field.


I am unsure if this function still exists in the current desktop versions, I seem to remember it disappeared at one stage...I hope I've explained what I'm referring to clearly here? This was one truly an incredibly useful function & one I would hapily see return.



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2015

Thank you for your suggestion @TransferFreight


This function does exist in the latest AccountRight products, which is indeed very useful. Essentials Accounting being a simply accounting product it doesn't have as many customisations and advanced features as AccountRight does, I can see having this calculator option would be a great addition.


I would encourage any interested users to cast your vote here, and comment too if required. 

Partner francis
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I agree with this proposal to perform the calculation on the keyboard (instead of using a separate calculator). The availability of this calculator function in the input field using the keyboard will save a lot of time for some users and bookeepers.  I currently do bookkeeping for an exporter who purchases a lot of items in a single receipt and I need to split and calculate expense items with GST and without GST. This function would save a huge amount of time.

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I go to automatically use the calculator funtion that we have in AR all the time in Essentials.......... it would be time saver and make life much easier if we had thee ability to calculate when entering a sales invoice.

Keep up the good work MYOB

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I agree, when creating invoice in other MYOB desktop programs i could press spacebar in the amount column and a calculator would pop up. IThis was a very useful tool and i think it should be introduced into MYOB Essentials. I feel that ive upgrade programs by using a newer version online but that ive lost a lot of useful tools in doing so. Not helpfulat all.

Contributing User Larpent15
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When creating invoice i older MYOB desktop based programs i could press spacebar in the amount column and a calculator would pop up. This is a very usful feature and one i would like see added to MYOB Essential please.

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Great suggestion seems like an easy fit Accounting software in built calculator hopefully this gets picked MYOB has made so many small improvements to Essentials lately.

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could you please add Calculator function on MYOB Essential same as MYOB account right

It will be a great help if I can still use calculator function when entering invoices.





Trusted Cover User LCrowhurst
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I second this. I miss the calculatorSmiley Frustrated

Partner Jane_Marren
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Please please please a calculator in all the appropriate places. Or am I missing something. Been in the program for over 10 yrs or more - sadly not in Essentials