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Contacts: SMS for sending alerts





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Hello, please look at SMS engine for sending alerts.


"SMS engine for sending alerts"

Current Status: Archived
Last Changed: August 2012
Former Staff Richard_Puffe
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Hi EcoUGroup,


Which alerts are you referring to?


We have thought of potential alerts within several areas of LiveAccounts to help the small business owner be aware X Y or Z. For example an alert when a larger invoice is paid - ie funds deposited in the bank. SMS might be an option for this type of alerting, but there would be a cost involved. 


Happy to hear your thoughts?

MYOB Moderator StevePick
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MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had no support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages