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I was wandering if there is anyway you could create a payment received receipt with MYOB live? I can create an invoice but it doesn't say Amount Paid when printed.

Current Status: Coming Soon
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi, the ability to email out a receipt when you enter a payment against an invoice is coming! The aim is to have this in your hands in the coming weeks.

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I agree - how can you receipt a payment if you cannot show the amount being paid. Assuming the amount is the same is OK in theory but that's not how it is in the real world.

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Thanks Lomak, the LiveAccounts team is looking into this feature.
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Seriously MYOB, this was brough to your attention over 12 months ago!!

This is no rocket science, especially as your other software alrerady has the program!

Either answer the question or admit why you refuse to do anything about it.

"Under consideration" is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! 

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Further you have 21 votes supporting this!!!!

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Frankly if we had know that we could not get receipts printed through LiveAccounts we might have considered going with Xero. 


Our current MYOB Premier not only allows us to print receipts but to create multiple templates as well. It is a bit strange to put "send" on the screen as if it has been emailed (which would be great). Having to look frward to creating hundreds of recipts through Excel makes me wonder if we should ditch the work to date and switch to Xero

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I found it hard to believe that it is not possible to print a receipt from within LiveAccounts.

Thus I have been doing them in Excel, but that is not as efficient as it would be if it could be done more directly from within the LA software.


Please implement this!


I am loving using LiveAccounts but it still has rather a lot of gaps like this one.


Alan Bottomley.

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Not only this but we need a system to generate automated reminders to overdue accounts, like you can in Saasu. That could be built into the Reciepts feature too.

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Please look to add this feature to MYOB essentials. Everyone i speak to wants me to send a receipt, as confirmation of payment.


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Had a client suggest in Essentials a 'send receipt' function is built in to email or print receipts on payments made against sales invoices, back to customers/clients. 

Currently the only way to confirm this is to re-send the sales invoice back to the client with the $0 balance amount displaying there is nothing left to pay.


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it's essential